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  • Joe Norton

Orderly Worship Services (10/8/2023)

“Let all things be done decently and in order” (1 Corinthians 14:40).

Completing his admonition about several aspects of how a worship service is to be

conducted, the Apostle Paul caps his teaching with this direct and firm statement:

regardless of what is going on in worship, all things are to be conducted in a decent,

orderly manner.

“Decently” means “in a seemly manner” or “according to what is considered proper”

but also it can imply “honest” as well—that is, even if a teacher is prophesying under

inspiration, he should be honest in communicating what is revealed to him.

“In order” is quite direct in commanding that worship services should not be mired

by irreverent activities that would distract worshipers from focusing on all things

spiritual. It means “due or right order.”

The principle we can glean from this passage is clear: God will be pleased with our

worship only if we limit our non-worship-related activities during the service, if we

are fully aware of and involved in each item of worship, and if we worship seriously

and reverently.


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