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  • Joe Norton

Opening Our Hearts to God (6/30/2019)

“O Lord, open my lips, And my mouth shall show forth Your praise” (Psalm 51:15)

For some time, David’s lips have been closed because of his blood-guiltiness—that is, He has not been able to come before God freely and “own” the sin he committed as a result of his orchestrating the murder of Uriah.

Having now come to a full realization of his guilt, he is finally able to approach God in prayer, begging Him to extend His grace and give him the opportunity for full repentance and confession. Only then does David feel he can be free to use his mouth in praise and honor of God.

Like David, we as God’s children sometimes try to bury our sins in the burrows of our minds, thinking they are out of sight, out of mind; but realizing deep down they need to be confessed and made right with God.

The wonderful benefit of being with Jesus is that, based upon our heart-felt repentance and confession, God stands ready and willing to forgive us. It takes only the courage to open our hearts and come to Him in full trust.


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