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  • Joe Norton

On Not Being at Ease in Zion (4/17/2022)

Woe to you who are at ease in Zion,

“And trust in Mount Samaria,

“Notable persons in the chief nation,

“To whom the house of Israel comes!” (Amos 6:1).

Prosperity has a tendency to boost a people’s pride and give them a confidence that can lead them away from God. That actually is what is happening in Israel at this time when Amos, a farmer-turned-prophet, comes along.

It’s a time of prosperity, and business is booming; but the Israelites are allowing greed, selfishness, and injustice to infiltrate their ranks. This false sense of security is allowing hypocritical tendencies to replace true worship and devotion to God and His word.

“Amos” means “burden”; thus, Amos is the “burden-bearer” for Israel. “Zion,” of course, is Jerusalem, considered the seat of all things religious. “Mount Samaria” is a neighboring peak and city—not a holy city, just an arrogant one that is the seat of much religious activity. Amos pronounces a “woe” against both places.

The message is clear and profound, especially considering the prosperity we enjoy in our day: material blessings should never cloud our thinking and give us a false sense of security. Our time and devotion are to be directed toward God—we use our blessings to facilitate our responsibility to Him and not to draw us away from Him.


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