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  • Joe Norton

Love and Keeping Commandments (6/9/2024)

If you love Me, keep My commandments” (John 14:15).


From this clear and direct scripture, we conclude there is no conflict between love and keeping the commandments of Jesus. In fact, they are actually inseparable—we cannot honestly say we love Him if we are not following His commandments.


“Love” is our devotion to Jesus and our dedication to His Cause. “Commandments” are regulations He laid down in His word—to emphasize the idea in another way: they are His laws.


This verse is joined by numerous others in scripture that teach conclusively that when Jesus gives a command, He expects us to follow it—not to ignore it, not to rationalize about it until it has no meaning, not try to make it apply to others but not to ourselves, and not to contradict it.


To please God and attain our goal of going to Heaven, we must be serious as we accept and respect all scriptures and dedicate ourselves to following their teaching.


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