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  • Joe Norton

Keeping the Faith (8/6/2023)

Therefore I will look to the Lord;

“I will wait for the God of my salvation;

“My God will hear me” (Micah 7:7).

It was a sad day for the people of God when these words came out of the mouth of the prophet Micah—it was a day of great wickedness as religion was in decay, impiety was ever present, immorality was rampant, and nothing seemed just or sacred.

But even amid such decadence, Micah was able to muster up a faint ray of hope—this shred of optimism from the prophet came because he had faith that God would still hear him when he approached Him.

Micah’s day does not seem that different from the day in which we live—nothing seems off limits anymore when it comes to participating in or even mocking what is right and good according to the scriptures.

The New Testament, however, assures us that God remains aware of the plight of the world and especially of those faithful to Him and that He still hears and answers our prayers, according to His own will. These blessed assurances give us the hope we need to avoid the feeling of despair and to keep the faith.


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