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  • Joe Norton

Honor Widows (3/14/2021)

Second in a series of studies in 1 Timothy 5

“Honor widows who are really widows”

(1 Timothy 5:3 plus verses 4-16).

The word “honor” includes more than just showing love and respect: it goes beyond that idea to include even financial assistance if a widow is in need. Assisting widows in such a way was a key practice in the Old Testament, and it is carried over into the Christian Age.

The apostle does place stipulations on such a practice: she must be a widow who, indeed, has been left alone—in other words, she must not have other family members who have the ability to care for her. If there are family members, they have the responsibility of seeing that her needs are taken care of.

As well, the requirements include that she must live a spiritually centered life, she must not participate in activities not appropriate for a Christian, she must be at least sixty years old and the wife of one man, and she must be known for her good works.

This verse continues Paul’s teaching about social relationships. As with the instruction to young men in the two previous verses, this instruction has at its core respecting others as well as showing love and genuine concern for their welfare.


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