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  • Joe Norton

A Serious Mind Set (12/10/2023)

Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth” (Colossians 3.2).


Having just reminded the Colossians they have been “raised with Christ,” Paul reinforces his teaching by restating his main point: he establishes their “mind” or their “affections” (KJV) as their guiding point.


The word “set” carries with it the idea of the seriousness of the job. This action is not to be casual, but rather it is to be a determined goal. They are to go after things that pertain to spiritual matters—that is, they are “to seek (them) earnestly.”


This serious message to the Colossians is not lost on us nor on any who have lived in any generation since then: our drive should not be centered on gratifying the desires of the flesh, fulfilling worldly ambitions, nor seeking earthly riches. We live and work in the world, but whatever we do in the world should not dominate us.


Our priorities should be focused on obeying Jesus and living the kind of life every day that shows our devotion to Him—all of our actions should show that going to heaven is our primary goal as we live and serve our Lord.


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