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  • Joe Norton

Failure to Thrive (7/14/2019)

“The ox knows its owner

“And the donkey its master’s crib;

“But Israel does not know,

“My people do not consider” (Isaiah 1:3).

To say that God is upset with Israel at this point is an understatement. In spite of God’s undying love for her, in spite of all His blessings upon her, in spite of His pleading for her devotion, Israel has allowed herself to go into the depths of corruption and rejection of God—as well, she has demonstrated a total lack of gratitude for what God has done for her.

What we see in Isaiah 1 is a description of a people who are suffering from a malady called “Failure to Thrive,” meaning they have physical life in them, but they are not living spiritually—they have lost their enthusiasm for God and their dedication to His service.

We can be a people who “Fail to Thrive” today if we don’t keep a “watch” on our attitudes as well as our actions. Thriving for God means He comes first in our lives—first in our hearts, first in our time commitments, first in our priorities.

When we allow affairs of life to distract us, to lead us away from placing God first in our lives, and to keep us from being deeply grateful for the unthinkable gift of salvation, we are suffering from a “Failure to Thrive.”


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