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Dejemos Que La Biblia Hable
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Control Your Feet (A series from Proverbs 4:20-27)

“Ponder the path of your feet, And let all your ways be established. Do not turn to the right or the left; Remove your foot from evil” Proverbs 4:26-27.

To maintain the kind of life Solomon is teaching about here, one must be decisive, deliberate, and stable. The preacher changes his metaphor to the feet, but his point remains the same.

Rather than living a careless life without giving appropriate thought to actions, the wise person will evaluate the course his life is taking, make decisions consistent with God’s word, and maintain a stable course on that pathway.

All of the instruction in these verses has centered on giving attention to the words Solomon has taught. Even though he has changed metaphors in almost every verse, he has not varied from that focus: to please God, we must listen to the words of instruction it gives us and put that instruction into practice in our lives every day.

"Thought for the Week - 08/31/2014" Joe Norton of Arlington, Texas.