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  • Joe Norton

Open My Eyes (9/25/2022)

Open my eyes, that I may see Wondrous things from Your law” (Psalm 119:18).

No one section of scripture—be it Old or New Testaments—pours forth such elaborate, personal, and priceless pieces of divine revelation about the nature of God’s law than does King David in this, by far the longest of all the psalms. His purpose is to honor God and to elevate His Word to the highest level.

In this verse, David exudes excitement as he prays for wisdom—“Open my eyes”—that he may understand the magnificent truths contained in God’s wonderful law. In this request, he is not unlike instruction given to those of us living in the Christian Age: we are to pray for wisdom that we may apply God’s law properly to our lives.

Having been given the revelation is one thing, wonderful indeed; but without proper understanding and wisdom to apply, we can never receive the benefit God intended for us so that we can grow thereby—that is, grow closer to Him and to His Word.

May we join David in expressing a deep appreciation for the gift of God’s Word and in desiring to have our understanding opened so that we can be the Christian God wants us to be and so that we can grow closer to Him, our Heavenly Father.


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